Crappie Speck Fishing

One of the many benefits about Florida Fishing is the ability to fish its variety of species. Crappie Speck Fishing is not only an awesome experience but also a very tasty one. Come see what you can hook into here in North Florida next time visiting.

I had the pleasure of fishing with John, a friend and repeat of mine. We went out exploring the St Johns River in North Florida. It hasn’t been the same especially with all the cold fronts that have hit it this season.

We went after the crappie and speck with two distinct methods. One was with artificial baits and the other was with live minnows. The minnows were not producing the best bite. Jigging for the fish with artificial jigs was the most productive method.

John caught 12 crappie speck in his quick trip out on the water. The window to find them on beds is rapidly closing especially up here. We had a great day catching them up though and I am always looking forward to fishing with John again in the future.

For everyone else out there, for all your Florida Fishing needs, contact us here at Bass Online and we will be glad to help!

Come Catch Yours Today with Captain Steve Nieomeller on the St. Johns River.



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