Winter Months Fishing Trip

Winter Months Fishing Trip in Kissimmee can be very interesting. Many people travel to Florida for the beautiful weather but sometimes we experience colder weather. Don’t worry though because that doesn’t stop the bass from biting.

I had the pleasure of fishing with JW Brown traveling from Texas. He wanted to experience what Florida Bass Fishing on Lake Toho was all about.

On this trip, we had cold front conditions move in. A water temperature drop of 10 degrees pushed the fish back into vegetation and hard to find. Florida Largemouth
Bass don’t generally like this drop but that doesn’t mean they will not bite.

As the morning went on and it warmed up, the bite got better. We started our fishing at 8 to give it a chance to do so. Our first spots did not produce much action. Once we allowed the shiners to get up in the reeds, the bite turned on.

Wild caught shiners were the most effective technique in these conditions. JW caught 15 largemouth bass with the biggest weighing up to 3 pounds. Moving to different spots to locate the fish made the trip exciting.

I am looking forward to fishing with JW next time he is visiting the state again. Don’t miss out on your fishing adventure!

Come Catch Yours Today with Captain John Leech on Lake Toho.



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