Fantastic Bass Fishing Trip

One of the many luxuries of Florida Fishing is the endless action you can experience year round. A Fantastic Bass Fishing Trip is all you need to be hooked on the sport of bass fishing.

I had the pleasure of fishing with Bruce Miller, a repeat customer of mine that loves to fish here in Florida. Last time he took his wife but this time his father in law tagged along.

We had a fantastic day out on the water. The action was incredible all trip long. Wild caught shiners were the most effective technique on this quick fishing trip.

Bruce and his father in law focused in on the grass lines. Shiners would run up a long them and get chased by many bass. It was exciting to see all the commotion on the line of grass.

They were surprised to see how aggressively the largemouth bass would feed on the live bait. Three dozen shiners went by very quick catching over 20 quality bass up to 5 pounds.

While they were fishing the grass line, I threw a shiner out the back of the boat. It wasn’t much longer that it went down and we found an additional pattern. Once the shiners ran out, we threw artificial baits.

Artificial baits were working as well on this trip from a Carolina rig to a senko. Bruce is looking forward to his next adventure out on Lake Toho to catch even bigger bass.

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