Big Numbers Peacock Bass Fishing

Florida Fishing can really bring you joy when traveling to the state. Big Numbers Peacock Bass Fishing is a must experience when you are in South Florida next.

Today, I had the pleasure of fishing with Tony and Romania traveling from Ontario Canada. While visiting Florida on their honeymoon, they had to experience the peacock bass fishing action.

It was a quick trip but the Lake Ida Chain of Lakes was on fire. They caught almost 60 fish. Mostly catching peacock bass, they also caught their occasional largemouth bass. The biggest largemouth was 4 pounds with no giant peacock bass caught.

Many days it can be quantity over quality. It was still a blast for them to catch that amount of fish in such a short period of time.

What a great day on the water with these newlyweds and I wish them all the best on their new adventures. We really look forward to fishing with them again in the future while we create more memories, one fish at a time!

Come Catch Yours with Captain Mike Groshon on Lake Ida .



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