Ned Rig Bass Fishing

Many techniques can be used when you want to find and catch some amazing smallmouth bass on Lake Erie in Pennsylvania. Ned Rig Bass Fishing is a deadly presentation to catch the numbers and size you are looking for.

I had the pleasure of fishing with Randall and Lynn traveling from Illinois and Pennsylvania in the hunt for some great smallmouth bass. We were in luck to find them.

The bass are holding between 6 and 35 foot of water. Throwing a variety of techniques we were able to key in on two very successful ones.

The first was a Ned Rig which is a jig style weight head with a worm on the back. The second was a spinner bait for the more shallow water structures.

Weather fluctuations have the smallmouth bass changing their habits and keeping us on our game. Randall and Lynn caught 30 fish with the biggest bass weighing 4 pounds.

Randall and Lynn had a blast of a time fishing out of Presque Isle Bay and are looking forward to coming back in the near future to catch some more quality smallmouth bass.

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