Honeymoon Peacock Bass Fishing Trip

One of the many joys of Florida is the ability to fish year round. You can come down and enjoy a Honeymoon Peacock Bass Fishing Trip at any time. South Florida is the perfect location for it.

Today, I had the pleasure of fishing with Josh and his wife Mikayla. While they were traveling to Florida on their honeymoon, they wanted to experience a peacock bass fishing adventure on Lake Ida in Delray Beach.

We saw several species of South Florida fish. We caught largemouth bass, mayan cichlids and the exotic peacock bass. The largest peacock bass weighed close to 4 pounds.

Josh and Mikayla were impressed on how hard the peacock bass fought and loved every moment of it. They were even impressed with the fight the other tropical fish put up.

I wish them all the best in their new lives together and hope to see them back again next time they are on vacation. We are looking forward to putting them on more of this amazing action down here creating memories one fish at a time.

Come Catch Yours with Captain Mike Groshon on Lake Ida .




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