Lake Erie Smallmouth Bass Hunt

Pennsylvania is a wonderful place to experience some smallmouth bass fishing. You can have a Lake Erie Smallmouth Bass Hunt on even the warmest months of the year.

I had the pleasure of fishing with two awesome gentlemen. Phil was traveling from Texas and Joe traveling from Clearwater, Florida. They wanted to come experience what the fishing here was all about.

Lake Erie is filled with quality smallmouth bass and you just have to hunt them out sometimes. The bass was hunkered down in roughly 25 to 30 feet of water.

We were able to catch them on a varied selection of baits. The Ned Rig was the most effective with a green pumpkin worm on it. They were also biting a drop shot.

Phil and Joe caught over 15 smallmouth bass. Most of the bass weighed very close to 4 pounds and we had a blast catching them. They put up a strong fight and made for a great trip out.

Most of the bass were caught from Shades Beach to the Ws. It was produced with little wind and they are looking forward to their next adventure on Lake Erie.

Come Catch Yours Today with Capt Mark Rose on Lake Erie.


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