Hurricane Aftermath Fishing Charters

Florida Fishing after any hurricane can have its hurdles. Hurricane Aftermath Fishing Charters can bring you new adventures that can land you with memories that could last you a lifetime.

I had the pleasure of fishing with Steve and his wife Heather traveling from upstate New York. They were looking to adventure out on Lake Okeechobee to see what it was all about.

After this hurricane, we had to bounce around a little bit to find some fish. All the rain increased water levels significantly making for new areas to be fished. We even found areas that we have not been able to fish for years.

We found some good water back in the swamps and found a patch where the bass were biting. The numbers were great and the quality was up catching bass in the weight range of 4 pounds.

Live bait was a major issue after the storm and we only had a minimal amount. Steve and Heather caught 7 bass on one dead shiner. It was an interesting and fun trip for sure.

Lake Okeechobee is looking really good. We should have a great season as the weather begins to cool. It will lead to brand new adventures we have not explored yet.

Steve and Heather had a fantastic time on the water and are looking forward to their next trip out on Lake Okeechobee. Do not miss out on your opportunity for a fishing trip of a lifetime!

Come Catch Yours with Captain Mark Shepard on Lake Okeechobee.



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