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Personal Best Bass Adventure

  • Personal Best Bass Adventure

Personal Best Bass Adventure

Big Bass roam the waters of Lake Okeechobee year round. You can catch the quality and the numbers you are looking for on a Personal Best Bass Adventure when you are traveling or visiting the state of Florida.

I had the pleasure of fishing with Robert, Ken and Bryant that were visiting the South End of Lake Okeechobee.

On a quick 4 hour fishing trip, we were able to make some magic happen. Summer time has promoted great fishing trips and it was a great day on the water.

Weather was beautiful with air temperatures in the 90s. Big bass were roaming in my spots today. Robert caught his personal best largemouth bass weighing 7 pounds 2 ounces.

You can still catch the quality and numbers you are hoping for when coming to the Lake and we want to create some great memories with you while you are here.

We had a great day and I am looking forward to fishing with these gentlemen again in the future!

Come Catch Yours with Captain Wayne Fellows on Lake Okeechobee.




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