Double Clown Knife Fishing Trip

One of the best things to do in South Florida is fishing. It is a great activity to share with friends that enjoy taking a cruise on beautiful Lake Ida. They were excited about a double clown knife fishing trip they would not forget.

I had the pleasure of fishing with a good friend Kevin Jordon White and his grandson. They live in Palm Beach County and wanted to hook themselves into the many species on Lake Ida.

The chain has been hot this summer and is only continuing to get better. The action is to die for and we surely want you to experience it.
Kevin was excited to catch a number of exotic species of fish to Florida. His grandson has not gotten to experience what Lake Ida had to offer and was in for a treat.

They caught over 25 peacock bass while catching 6 clown knife fish. Also, a largemouth was caught in the mix. Furthermore they caught multiple mayan cichlids.

The peacock bass weighed up to 4 pounds. It was a fight they can’t wait to experience again.

Most noteworthy was the double up clown knife fish that we had on. It was a remarkable fishing trip for the gentlemen.

Kevin and his grandson had a blast and I am looking forward to going on another fishing trip again. Come get your pools bent on a fishing adventure of a lifetime!

Come Catch Yours with Capt Dave Lauer on Lake Ida.


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