First Fly Fishing Peacock Bass Trip

Fly Fishing is a unique technique that is a hidden gem in the sport of fishing. Many people know about it but have not mastered it. We were on a First Fly Fishing Peacock Bass Trip of a lifetime.

I had the pleasure of fishing with Dr. Bruce, a fly fishing specialist that loves to catch fish naturally. He hand ties all of his flies and was using a cichlid patterned fly that caught them up.

Dr. Bruce never caught a peacock bass on fly and we delivered that. He caught two very nice peacocks on his hand tied flies and was incredibly excited.

The warm summer months are here and the water temperature is at 91 degrees. The air temperature was at 92 degrees making for a hot day on Lake Ida.

A rise in the water levels of two feet as well as a storm front moving in really turned the bite off. The high pressure holds the fish deep.

Dr. Bruce will be back for more Fly Fishing action and I am looking forward to another great adventure in Palm Beach County.

Come Catch Yours Today with Captain Robert Miley on beautiful Lake Ida.



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