Exciting Exotic Fishing Charter

South Florida is a great place to experience fishing at its finest. You can sit back and enjoy an Exciting Exotic Fishing Charter that will leave you wanting more.

I had the pleasure of fishing with Andrew, Mike and Joe traveling from the North to experience what Florida Fishing was all about.

Andrew, Mike and Joe are all in business up north in the metro area. They were looking for a relaxing fishing trip on Lake Ida.
Lake Ida was experiencing perfect conditions with beautiful skies overhead. We were on a short 4 hour trip and caught a variety of species of fish.

They caught several peacock bass weighing up to 3 pounds. They also caught largemouth bass weighing up to 3 pounds as well. The exotics came out to play on this trip with two clown knife fish in the boat.

It was an exciting fishing trip and I know they are excited for more action to come in the future. The summertime conditions rolled in and it got warm toward the end of our trip.

Come Catch Yours Today with Captain Robert Miley on beautiful Lake Ida.



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