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High Water Bass Fishing Charters

  • High Water Bass Fishing Charters

High Water Bass Fishing Charters

Everglades Bass Fishing has been exceptional this season. High Water Bass Fishing Charters are occurring due to the amount of rain that has been coming down here in South Florida.

I had the pleasure of fishing with Robert and Kari traveling from Colorado. They were in search for a Florida Bass Fishing adventure.

They are used to River Fishing for Trout or even ice fishing and wanted to come experience something uniquely different.

Massive amount of rainfall has continually raised the water levels in the Everglades making it increasingly more difficult to find bass. As the water rises, the bass can remain deeper in the water column.

Traveling through the River of Grass and enjoying the natural bounties of the Everglades, we managed to find some decent largemouth bass. We had to focus on the deeper ledges and key points that held bait fish.

I am looking forward to their next visit with the kids and we can put them on a day of Peacock Bass Fishing.

Come Catch Yours with Captain Kirk Osborne in the Everglades National Park.




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