Best Smallmouth Bass Fishing Day Ever

Smallmouth Bass Fishing on Lake Erie is on fire and producing incredible fishing trips. We wanted to provide a Best Smallmouth Bass Fishing Day Ever.

I had the pleasure of fishing with George and Doug, who were traveling for the Bass Fishing on Lake Erie. They were in search of their personal best.

We caught our first fish at 7 am and continued to catch quality smallmouth all day long. The fish were in deeper water from 12 to 16 feet.

The bait of the day was a drop shot. The drop shot allowed for George and Doug to target the smallmouth in deeper waters.

George and Doug caught 40 fish today and had an absolute blast the whole time. We caught fish from the 3 pounds 8-ounce range to 5 pounds 8-ounce range.

They both caught their personal best smallmouth bass over 5 pounds. It was their best day smallmouth bass fishing ever.

I am looking forward to fishing with George and Doug soon. The fishing is incredible on Lake Erie, do not miss your opportunity this summer.

Come Catch Yours Today with Captain George Mrozinski on Lake Erie.


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