Unbelievable Bass Fishing Trips

Lake Okeechobee continues to produce Unbelievable Bass Fishing Trips all year round. The conditions on the lake seem to continue to improve.

Today, I had the pleasure to fish with Mike, Steve and Dave traveling from Illinois. It was a fantastic day out with weather in our favor.

The Lake is looking beautiful this time of year. The wind was calm, leaving just the right chop on the water.

These gentlemen had a blast and put a hurting on the largemouth bass. They caught right around 70 bass. We could not find the bass they were looking for. Most of the fish were in the 2 to 3 pound range. The biggest of the day was right around 5 pounds.

They are already planning a trip for next year and I can’t wait to create more memories, one fish at a time!

Come Catch Yours with Captain Mike Groshon on Lake Okeechobee.




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