Retired Veteran Bass Fishing

Lake Okeechobee Bass Fishing has been absolutely incredible. We had a Retired Veteran Bass Fishing Trip that was an exceptional experience as well.

Today, I had the pleasure to fish with three of America’s best. Willie is a client of mine and brought along 2 of his Veteran buddies this trip. They have all retired from the Navy.

They wanted to embark on an Outdoor Adventure on Lake Okeechobee. They are planning this to be an annual trip and plan on coming back for a Peacock Bass Adventure next year.

Water levels on Lake Okeechobee are getting low. Make sure you know where you are running in order to preserve your boat and motor. If you need some guidance, hire someone that can help show you where and how to run.

We caught over 80 quality largemouth bass weighing from a range of 3 to 5 pounds. It was a great time out on the water.

It was an honor to spend the day with these guys and I am looking forward to fishing with them again in the future.

Come Catch Yours with Captain Mark Shepard on Lake Okeechobee.



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