Early Summer Flat Fishing

Smallmouth bass is making their way to their spawning grounds on Lake Erie in Pennsylvania. Presque Isle Bay is home to some of the BEST Early Summer Flat Fishing.

Today, I had the pleasure of fishing with Mike, Eric and his son Jesse.

It was truly a beautiful day and the conditions were in our favor. The winds were calm and we were able to locate fish.

We caught around 20 smallmouth bass on drop shots, tubes, and Senkos. These are some of the most effective techniques for bass up here. Most all the fish were right at 4 lbs or better.

The bass is on the flats and is in the process of spawning. They are in 2 to 3 feet of water.

These gentlemen had a blast of a day catching quality smallmouth bass. They were amazed at the quality of the fish we were catching. It was some of the best they’ve ever seen.

Come Catch Yours Today with Captain George Mrozinski on Lake Erie.


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