Best Peacock Bass Fishing Trip Ever

Palm Beach County holds some of the BEST bodies of Freshwater to fish for largemouth and peacock bass. Lake Ida has both and can provide Best Peacock Bass Fishing Trip Ever all-year round.

Today, I had the pleasure to fish with Peter and Nick traveling from New Jersey for the Bass Fishing.

It was an amazing day out on the water with lots of quality peacock bass. The peacock bass fight really hard. The conditions were beautiful with air in the 85 degree range and water in the 80s as well.

Most of the peacocks caught today weighed 3 pounds to 4 pounds 8 ounces. Those are the peacocks you are looking for when fishing for them.
Peter and Nick had a great time and said this was their best trip ever and cant wait to come back and fish again.

If you are up North and want to catch you some peacocks, come travel south to Florida and we can provide you with the Best Peacock Bass Fishing Trip Ever!

Come Catch Yours Today with Captain Robert Miley on beautiful Lake Ida.




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