Astor Florida Bass Fishing

Astor Florida Bass Fishing has been incredible this season and early summer. The bass are biting and are waiting on your arrival.

Castaways on the River is a beautiful location to stay overnight when you come to Astor, Florida for the Bass Fishing. A quick pick up on the docks and off we can go on a fishing adventure of a life-time.

Today, I had the pleasure of fishing with Jerry, Don, Ryan and Daniel traveling from Columbus, Ohio.

Ryan only caught one fish before this trip. It was a blue fish he caught while he was salt water fishing last year. He was in for an exciting trip.

The weather conditions were on our side as we caught fish all trip. These gentlemen put about 20 fish in the boat. The biggest largemouth bass weighed 5 pounds.

We had to run shiners deep under the mat in order for them to bite. The largemouth can get picky when the weather begins to warm but the action is still red hot.

We had a great time and I know they will be back near Daytona Beach and Astor next year.

For everyone else out there, for all your fresh and salt water needs, contact BassOnline today and we will be glad to help!

Come Catch Yours Today with Captain Steve Nieomeller on the St. Johns River.



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