Artificial Florida Big Bass Hunting

Slims Fish Camp is one of the most unique places to visit when traveling to Lake Okeechobee. Artificial Florida Big Bass Hunting was on the menu for this fishing charter.

Today, I had the pleasure to fish with Shay and Luke from Wisconsin. They are on a fishing team up there and love to Bass fish.

They came to the right place today. The lake is on fire with large numbers of fish.

Artificial baits were the method of choice today. The bass are schooling together and feeding on bait fish.

We fish all day long and caught fish the whole time. Hollow Body Frogs and Bass Assassin “Die-Dapper” were crucial baits in catching the quality we caught today. Skim or pop these baits on top of the water and hold on.

Shay and Luke put in about 30 bass with the best 5 bass weighing near 30 pounds. They caught a pair of 5 pounders along with a 6 and 7 pounder. The kicker was an 8 pound Monster largemouth.

When the water is low, continue to throw artificial and you will be able to catch the amount and size of fish you want.

It was a dream fishing trip and I am looking forward to fishing with them again.

Come Catch Yours Today with Captain Robert Miley on beautiful Lake Okeechobee .



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