Berkley Soft Plastic Bass Fishing

Soft Plastics are part of every bass fisherman’s arsenal of tackle they carry with them while they go fishing. It is one of the most effective imitator baits you can buy. Berkley Soft Plastic Bass Fishing has been on fire here on Lake Okeechobee.

Ben is traveling from Naples up to Lake Okeechobee for the bass fishing it presents this time of year. With the wind blowing, sticking on the West wall was very smart.

Pulling up to our first spot, we put a couple in the boat right away. Throwing fast moving swim baits and top water made for an excellent day. The Berkley Havoc “Grass Pig” dragged across the mats entice big bites.

Most of the fish we caught were right in the 4 pound range. The biggest fish we caught was right around 6 pounds. Catching right around 25 fish, we had a great day out on Lake Okeechobee.

Weather conditions have been perfect for fishing lately and it is time to get out on an Outdoor Adventure of a lifetime.

Come Catch Yours with Captain Mark Rogers on Lake Okeechobee .


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