Swim Bait Bass Fishing Florida

Hello this is Capt Kirk Osborne with my Evergaldes fishing report.

Today was a great day Swim Bait Bass Fishing Florida. I had the pleasure to take Vicki and her son Macon out for a full day on the water. The Everglades provides a unique Outdoor Adventure that can not be matched.

One of the best parts about this profession is the ability to share my passion for the sport. I loved watching the mother watch her son do what he loves to do.

No live bait here, everything was caught on artificial baits. Using Bass Assassin top water baits, we started catching fish in the first few minutes and all the way to the end of the day. Buzz the “Boss Shiner” or “Die Dapper” right under the surface of the water and hold on.

Macon caught most of his fish on top water with the baits above. He was amazed on the amount of fish you can actually catch here in Florida.

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