Okeechobee City Largemouth Bass Fishing

This is Capt Brian Brown with your Lake Okeechobee fishing report.

My favorite fishing trips are the ones that I get to share memories on. My repeat patron Jerry Goodrich and his brother came out fishing with me this afternoon.

We went fishing out of Okeechobee City Largemouth Bass Fishing, my stomping grounds. I have missed those waters, as I have been on the South End of the lake recently.

Jerry and his brother came out with me last year and we started on the same areas. It did not produce like last year but it still produced a high numbers of Bowfin and some quality bass.

Sharing our memories and stories out on the water made for a great day. I love providing people with experiences like these.

The Lake is looking great and I am looking forward to providing you with a memory you will not forget, come on down, we are only one click away.



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