North Florida Bass Fishing Charter

This is Capt Steve with fishing report for the St Johns River.

It has been a busy fishing season this year. Our North Florida Bass Fishing Charter on the Saint Johns River has been producing great numbers and quality.

Today, I had the pleasure to take out Steve and Bob. Traveling from Maryland for the past two days, they were ready to catch some Florida Bass. The first day, Bob was not feeling well so I took Steve out.

Steve wanted to mainly do artificial fishing and I knew it was that time of the month that they would or should be getting locked in on their beds. We were just a little bit early; they were not aggressively protecting their beds at the moment. Within the next couple of days, you should be able to target them correctly.

I also showed him what the shiner fishing was all about and how to let them run up underneath the mats for the big bites. The second day Bob was feeling much better and we had a terrific time. These guys were a blast to be around, making the day fun and light.

We caught plenty of fish but did not catch the monster we were hoping for. The best fish weighed right around 4 pounds.This North Florida Bass Fishing Charter was a success.

I am looking forward to their return. Come VISIT FLORIDA and Catch Yours Today!!!


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