First Time Florida Fishing Largemouth Bass

This is Capt Steve with fishing report for the St Johns River.

Today, we have something special for you. I had the pleasure to fish with Charlie and Tina. Traveling from Ocala, they wanted to experience something they have not done in a while or at all. Charlie hadn’t fished in 50 years and Tina has never fished before.

It was an incredible exciting day of First Time Florida Fishing Largemouth Bass. These are the trips are cherished and remembered forever. Having a good time was the objective, catching a few largemouth bass along the way.

Fishing wild shiners, Charlie struck first. He was incredibly excited with the fish weighing 4 pounds. Tina then started jacking them. Charlie then landed one weighing 5 pounds.

The sunshine was all day long making it such a great day. You cannot ask for a better day.

Living in Ocala, I know they will return to the River. Until then, Tight Lines!!



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