College Largemouth Bass Fishing Teams

This is Capt Brian Brown with your Lake Okeechobee fishing report.

Fishing is a hobby for many people but some people have a greater connection with it. I had the pleasure to fish with Ella, who is traveling to Florida checking out College Largemouth Bass Fishing Teams.

Florida is home to some great schools that have college largemouth bass fishing teams. The University of Florida and Florida State University have the most competitive fishing teams in the state.

Jarrad’s Bait and Tackle was where we went out of today with a couple dozen shiners. She wanted to start with artificial baits but knew that fishing with wild caught shiners would produce the best bite.

She was an exceptional fisherwoman who was able to cast a bait caster and set the hook really well. It was nice fishing with her, showing her new Florida Fishing techniques. It was also awesome to see the Elite series pros running around us as well.

Shiners produced some good numbers and quality fish. The rain set in and we went back to artificial baits catching them on top water buzz baits as well as jerk baits.

It truly was a pleasure to fish with Ella. Lake Okeechobee is on fire right now and if you are looking to set the hook into the fish of your lifetime, we are only one click away!!

Come Catch Yours!!!



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