Personal Best Peacock and Largemouth Bass

Hello this is Capt Robert Miley here with your fishing report for The Falls.

I had the pleasure to fish with Randy Carmen and his wife Mary Lou. They traveled to the Florida Keys from Michigan, to get out of the colder weather. One component of the trip for them was that they wanted to catch their Personal Best Peacock and Largemouth Bass.

We were out for a full day with plenty of opportunities to catch some trophy bass. Miami Falls is so unique that it supports co-habituation of the species. Miami offers some of the best weather and conditions for them to floursih.

The day was filled with unexpected surprises. We truly had an amazing day. They accomplished what they came her for. Randy and Mary Lou caught about a dozen fish. Randy got to experience his personal best largemouth bass, which weighed 5 pounds. He also caught his personal best peacock at 5.26 pounds. Mary Lou also caught a 3 and 4 pound peacock bass.

In order to catch the big ones, we changed our technique. We slow trolled the shiners along the seawalls. We kept at it because I knew that if and when one hit, it was going to be a big one. The smaller peacock bass are more toward the surface while the larger ones are down deeper. Putting on a heavier split shot weight made all the difference in the size of the fish we caught.

They had a great time and I really enjoyed fishing with them. It is not every day that you can fish for both species of bass and catch your personal best of each species. The peacock bass are really lighting up; they truly are a beautiful species.

See you next time. Tight Lines!

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