Peacock Bass Fly Fishing Adventure

Hi this is Captain Mark Rogers and today We were fishing at the Golden gate canal.

Today, we got to embark on a different fishing adventure. Florida offers so many different techniques to catch fish. Naples also provides some of the best waters to embark on a Naples Florida Peacock Bass Fly Fishing Adventure.

The peacocks were biting well today. Laura was enjoying her birthday present with only one request; she really wanted to catch her first peacock bass on fly.

Luckily, some of my favorite little spots were still holding fish. It took some time to get things going but her wish did come true. She caught her first peacock on fly.

I was super excited for Laura that we were able to accomplish her goal, especially on her birthday. Ron also caught some peacock as well.

One of the luxuries of the Golden Gate Canal system is that there can be tarpon as well. There was a bunch rolling around us throughout the day. We put some flies in front of them with no luck but a couple of bumps.

The conditions held well throughout the day. The overcast and slight north breeze kept us cool and the fish biting. The fishing is only going to get better, come down and catch yours!!



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