Monster Florida Largemouth Bass Fishing- Lake Toho

Hi this is Capt John Leech with my Lake Toho fishing report.

The wonderful Bob Tester has made his annual trip down to Florida to go on a fishing adventure with BassOnline guiding service. He was in search for the Monster Florida Largemouth Bass Fishing beautiful Lake Toho.

We started out fishing shallower and caught some smaller fish. My intuition told me that I had to go deeper, so we started focusing on open water. We started catching more quality and then all of a sudden; we found the one we were looking for.

Bob hooks into an 8 lb 13 oz female. She was all laid out and worn from spawning. Boy, we had a great day. We caught right around 20 fish.

The best part about business is that you are able to create memories and impact the lives of your customers all in the same time. You get to reap the rewards with smiles, laughs and if they enjoyed it enough, they can always experience it again. I love when repeats come back, it truly represents I provided them with a trip of a lifetime.



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