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Multi-Species Miami Florida Fishing Adventure- Blue Lagoon

  • Miami Florida Fishing Adventure

Miami Florida Fishing Adventure

Hello this is Capt Robert Miley here with your fishing report forBlue Lagoon.

The Blue Lagoon is looking beautiful this time of year. Miami is a must see when you visit or travel to Florida. Todd, Heidi and their daughter McKenzie joined me today out on the Blue Lagoon. They traveled from Wyoming to experience a Multi-Species Miami Florida Fishing Adventure- Blue Lagoon.

We had an outstanding afternoon. Luckily we were able to catch multitude of different species of fish. We were searching for peacock bass. Throughout the day we caught some quality bass.

McKenzie also caught something different, a 12- pound Jack Crevalle. It is such a great experience when you can catch a primarily saltwater species in freshwater.

We fished inside the lagoon today since they were cleaning the canals. The conditions were perfect. The air temperature was 85 degrees and the water temperature held at 72 degrees.

The peacock bass are starting to spawn. You can find them near structure that radiates heat. Bridges, seawalls and any other rip rap.

They had an excellent trip. They were super excited on what they caught. I am looking forward to fishing with them again.




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