Late January Offshore Fishing- Lake Toho Largemouth Bass

Hi this is Capt John Leech with my Lake Toho fishing report.

Here is something a little different for you, A Late January Offshore Fishing- Lake Toho Largemouth Bass. I had the pleasure to take out Kenny and his friend Tom today. The Pond was looking good today.

The bite was tough though. We caught some fish though, right around 10 or 11 largemouth bass.

The best fish today was right around 5 pounds. All the fish moved out of the shallow water. We did some unconventional late january offshore fishing and we found them in like 10-12 foot depth range. Lake Toho is normally like that in the summer months. It was a whole lot different from what we normally would do this time of year.

Late January Offshore Fishing was a blast, searching for largemouth bass on Lake Toho in Central Florida. We caught them today and that is the most important thing. That is it for now. This is Captain John Leech.


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