Lake Toho Bass Fishing Florida

Hi this is Capt John Leech with your Lake Toho fishing report.

Central Florida holds some of the best bodies of water to fish for largemouth bass in the nation. Lake Toho is at the top of the list. It produces quality fish all year round and today was no different. It was time University Professors Take Over Lake Toho Bass Fishing Florida.

We had another great day with Patrick and his buddies Taco and Joe. Patrick teaches at Indiana University. Taco and Joe teach at Purdue University. It is always a pleasure to learn and teach a little something at the same time.

Fishing sometimes can be a delicate art, where timing and precision becomes utmost important. Most largemouth bass love to take their time eating bait or an artificial lure. If you do not give it the proper time to allow the fish to secure the bait before you set the hook, will most likely lead to losing that fish.

It was not long after providing that information to my patrons that they locked in on what they had to do and starting catching quality largemouth. Each of them caught a solid limit of bass weighing on average 15 pounds. They truly had a blessed day Lake Toho Bass Fishing Florida.

Arriving back at the boat ramp mobbed with people was a surprise as I thought the tournament ended earlier. The weigh-in was going on and Patrick, Taco and Joe got to witness the leader, leading with 12 pounds. They all felt like heroes after that with their average weight for the day. That was a perfect end to a great day.

One thing that is amazing about fishing is that it has a unique way of neutralizing the playing field so everyone can enjoy. Come experience an outdoor adventure you will never forget.

We had a great time on the water with a bunch of laughs. I am looking forward to their return on their next break from University.

Till next time, Tight Lines!


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