Lake Okeechobee Bass Fishing Charter

This is Capt Brian Brown with your Lake Okeechobee fishing report.

Paul and I went out for an 8 hour Lake Okeechobee Bass Fishing Charter today. Paul really insisted on artificial fishing but the weather did not want to support that early in the day.

A cold front just made its way over the lake and I knew that the conditions would get better as the day went on; so I did something that I would not normally do and pushed back the meeting time.

That hour made all the difference. The sun started warming the water and we caught them. When the weather is cooler and you are getting an early start, it is always better to use live bait. Once the water warms to its max, then I would switch over to artificial.
We fished Harney Pond and tried to stay as south as possible. The South gets warmer quicker than the North side, even though they are both unique to each other.

The fishing was pretty good, considering we started an hour later. We took a couple dozen shiners out and caught fish with almost every one. We caught like 6 mud fish and 6 largemouth bass. The biggest largemouth was right at 5 and ½ pounds. That fish came on one of the last shiners.

The rest of the day consisted of throwing artificial baits and putting the trolling motor on steady. We thoroughly fished Harney Pond with stick worms and top water. We threw a variety of baits, catching bass on each and every one we threw. It is always fun to dial in on the fish on each pattern you throw. It always leads to putting your head down and getting down to the basics.

The lake is doing awesome and next time Paul is down hopefully we catch the fish of his dreams.

If you do come down to Florida and want to have an awesome guided experience, get a hold of BassOnline and let’s go fishing! The schedule and calendar is filling up fast, as we approach our busy months.
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