Fishing For Personal Best Largemouth Bass

This is Capt Steve with fishing report for the Lake Toho.

I had the pleasure to fish with Vic and his son Mike and granddad on Lake Toho today. Coming from Michigan, Florida’s warm weather and big bass were what they were after. They actually scheduled to take a trip on the Rodman Reservoir, but under further review, we thought Lake Toho would be better off. I knew that if they wanted to go Fishing For Personal Best Largemouth Bass on Lake Toho in Central Florida.

They were not particular on the fishery; they just wanted to go catch fish. Lake Toho is really heating up this time of year. We had an amazing day on the water.

All three gentlemen caught their personal best. Mike caught a 6.8 lb largemouth. Also, Vic caught a 5.4 and granddad caught a 4 .5 pounder. You can’t say that occurs every day.

This was a two-day trip. The first day we caught 40 fish and the second day we did not do quite as well. The fish just did not bite as well as the previous day. We still had about 20 fish with no big fish.

It was really nice to go out for a couple days with guys like that. I had a blast and I know they did as well. It was incredible that they all caught their personal best on Lake Toho.

I am looking forward to those gentlemen coming back and catching another fish of their dreams.

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