Breakline Polarized Bed Fishing Lake Toho Largemouth Bass

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Breakline Polarized Bed Fishing Lake Toho Largemouth Bass

  • Bed Fishing Lake Toho

Breakline Polarized Bed Fishing Lake Toho Largemouth Bass

This is Capt Steve with your fishing report for Lake Toho.

As I pulled up to the boat ramp, I was amazed how beautiful the lake looked today. Weather conditions were looming over heads but it still did not take away from the beauty. Michael came all the way from Minnesota to do some Bed Fishing Lake Toho Largemouth Bass, in Central Florida.

He insisted on doing artificial fishing and that is what we set out to do. I knew the only way to do that would be to bed fish. We went on searching for the big girls on their beds.

The wind was blowing just enough to make bed fishing difficult. As well, the fish were bedding in deeper water where the were difficult to spot. He pitched a soft plastic Bassassassin “fat-job” senko worm onto the beds that were deep. Using that worm, he put a couple good ones in the boat. Shiners were also effective method when the conditions got worse.

The winds picked up and started forming white caps on the water. Michael forgot his polarized sunglasses and was having trouble Bed Fishing Lake Toho. I was able to see them but we could not coordinate quick enough to make any big bites happen.

Having polarized glasses is the most important tool you can own as a fisherman. I use Breakline Polarized, they are the most reliable and best pair of sunglasses I have come across. I let Michael borrow a pair and it made all the difference. I think he might actually go out and buy a pair or two.

What an amazing trip overall, we had a lot of laughs. I am looking forward to fishing with him again, as there is talk about a future trip. Hopefully it wont be as cold and windy as this time.

As always, for all your fishing needs, contact BassOnline and we will be glad to provide you with the fish of your dreams.

Till next time,

Tight Lines!


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