Warmer Temperatures For Largemouth Bass Fishing Lake Okeechobee

Hello this is Capt Mark Rose with your Lake Okeechobee fishing report.

Here is your, Warmer Temperatures For Largemouth Bass Fishing Lake Okeechobee, report. We fished the Harney pond area, up on the north end of Lake Okeechobee today. The bite is improving with the warmer temperature. I went fishing with Don and George from Fort Lauderdale. They had a pretty good day today, caught a lot of fish. We started off throwing shiners, and that was that was an effective method. Most of the fish caught were on shiners. We ran out of shiners and started throwing artificial. we threw a lot senkos in watermelon red flake color. Caught a few on top water. You have to look for where the grass and the hydrilla come together. Those are key points for Largemouth bass. It was a really good day overall. Water temperature’s about 74 degrees and as long as it keeps warm enough session will continue to get better and better. So hope you book a trip with bassonline.com, and we’ll see you soon. Thanks. Bye.


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