South Florida Falls Peacock Bass Fishing with Capt Bob Miley

Hello this is Capt Robert Miley I’m getting ready to leave The Falls.

We are South Florida Falls Peacock Bass Fishing with Capt. Bob Miley. I’m finished with Chris and Dave and Fernando today from Colorado, and we got a lot of fish. The biggest fish was from right at 4 pounds. We must have got 20-30 small fish, right at about 12 inches long, which is a good sign. But the big fish just never really showed up today, but we had a lot of fun. The bite was hard, i think due to the cold front and because they were spawning. I knew the larger fish were going to be in the deeper, warm water. We went to the 13 ft water. The temp out was 64 and the water was about 70 this afternoon. The deeper water was about 75. The temperature is rising and the bite should get better. I got the same customers tomorrow and we We should have a good day, so I’m going to move them up to blue lagoon. This is Captain Robert Miley. I’ll be forwarding some pictures, and so keep it tight lines, and I’ll see you on the water. Take care. Bye now.



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