Loves to do Artificial Fishing, Really Good Fisherman

This is Capt Mark Shepard with your Lake Okeechobee fishing report.

Hey folks, Dennis Daniel’s has been out with me many many times he’s been down here for a couple days and had a whole lot of fun. Love’s to do artificial fishing, really good fisherman.

No one technique dominated, we mixed it up using topwater, many soft plastics, but they were eating a Bass Assassin lizard the best. Basically everything was working really well from us, even spinner baits, swim jigs and rattletraps…we caught them on everything!

This is a fantastic few days are Dennis, pretty good numbers of fish additionally a few nice fish caught in the mix. The weather was beautiful, fantastic time, the lake is doing really, really, well right now. If you get a chance to come fish Okeechobee, don’t miss out on your opportunity!

Again this is Captain Mark, for all you’re Lake Okeechobee fishing adventures go to BASSONLINE.COM and we will take care everything for you.

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