Lots of Action and a Beautiful Day out on Lake Okeechobee

Hey everybody this is Capt Dave Lauer calling in a fishing report for Lake Okeechobee.

I’m on the South East side out of Belle glade, today I was fishing with Mike he is from the Ozark area. He does a lot of small mouth fishing and thought to fish lake Okeechobee, has never been down here and he had his father and son with him. Today we fished with live bait, we went through 7 dozen shiners in a 6 hour trip and had a lot of action and a lot of bites. Biggest fish was probably four and a half pounds, although we had three or four bigger ones on but we failed to bring them into the boat, but we had a lot of action all day and it was a beautiful day the weather was perfect. There was a nice breeze and you just can’t spend a day with your dad and your son in any better place than lake Okeechobee. Anyway, No need to say anything else captain Dave signing out, have a great day.

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