Long Time Friends Bass Fishing On Lake Okeechobee

Hey everybody this is Capt Dave Lauer calling in a fishing report for Lake Okeechobee.

Today I was fishing with Paul and Ed on the South East side out of Belle Glade.

These two guys have been buddies since they were 6 years old, They are in their seventies now and they’re still fishing together.

They came down for a little Lake Okeechobee bass fishing Today it was a little chilly in the morning with blue bird skies, sunny, with a light wind.

We used up 6 dozen shiners and the largest fish being 5 pounds we caught well over 40 fish, we had bites constantly all day long, they never went more than a few minutes without a bite.

I’ll be back on Okeechobee tomorrow, we will see what happens with this cold front coming down, I’ll talk to you later, Capt Dave signing out.

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