Long Time Fishing Buddies Out On The River

This is Capt Steve with fishing report for the St Johns River.

Today I fished with David and his long time friend they have been fishing together for 65 years.

They started fishing together when they were about 9 or 10 years old and they have fishing together ever since and I think that’s pretty cool.

David just moved down so he invited his buddy to come out and fish with him and we went out on the River.

We caught a few bass, and it was a lot of fun, we used wild shiners, fishing in a few bedding areas that I found over the last few weeks, and we caught some pretty nice bass there up to about three and a half pounds and our biggest was 4 pounds.

I’m looking forward to our next trip, I’m taking David on another trip at the end of the month with his son, and we’re going to be doing it up on Rodman.

It was quite a fun day out on the water, this is Capt Steve for everyone out there for all your fresh or saltwater fishing adventures go to BassOnline and we will get you out on the water, thank you.

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