Largemouth & Peacock Bass Fishing Golden Gate Canals

Hi this is Captain Mark Rose and today We were fishing at the Golden gate canal.

Here is your Largemouth & Peacock Bass Fishing Golden Gate Canals report. I had the pleasure to go fishing today with Redford White and his grandson Dustin. This will be their first time peacock bass fishing.

The weather was not the best, but we made the best out of it. Heavy winds rolled in which was expected, almost reaching up to 35-40 mph. The best part was, we were supposed to go fish Okeechobee. I made the decision to change the spot because I knew the winds would be much worse on the Lake.

With that switch, we had an exciting day on the water. We caught a lot of fish. Right around 60 fish between peacocks and largemouths. Ran through 6 dozen small domestic shiners. That is what we use to catch these peacocks and largemouths, they absolutely love them. It was a true fishing frenzy!

Most of the peacocks are holding in the 7-9 foot depth range with a water temperature’s about 74 degrees. The biggest largemouth and peacock bass were both right around 4 pounds.

We had lots of great action over the course of the day. When it gets warmer the top water bite is going to go off.

If you need anything fishing, go to, and we can get you taken care of. Thanks. Bye.



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