Lake Okeechobee Bass Fishing with Capt Robert Alfano

This is Captain Robert Alfano with my lake Okeechobee fishing report.

today I’m fishing out of the north end and I had the privilege of fishing with Darryl and Eddie.

it was a slow bite, but steady and we ended up with about 15 fish just west of Kings bar, and they were eating shiners, that front we had the other day still got them knocked back a bit, but the bite should start to pick up now as it warms up.

That is it for now for all your Florida freshwater fishing adventures go to BassOnline, and lets get you out on the water.

thank you, Captain Robert Alfano signing off.

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Great Day On The Water

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What a day I had with Captain Rob Alfano. This was my first bass trip with a professional guide and it exceeded all of my expectations. I left that morning from Jensen Beach thinking about what type a day I may have - 5 to 7 large mouth bass, hoping for a 4 pounder, maybe bigger, Well, I ended up with more then 20 large mouth and several 4 pound fish. I can't even explain the excitement you feel as your bobber starts to dance around, knowing that the shiner is being chased by a large mouth. I missed over 10 fish because I pulled to fast and way to hard and one of them was yes - a hog, she had to be close to 10 pounds. I will be thinking of that fish for an entire year, I already booked my date for February 2018. The fishing was fantastic but what really made the trip for me was Captain Rob. He was patience, so knowledgeable and a great teacher. We truly had a blast and talked about so many topics as we starred down at our bobbers. If you haven't been bass fishing in Florida, specifically Lake Okeechobee, put it on your bucket list and call Captain Rob, I promise you, you will have a memory that will last you a lifetime. Thank you Captain Rob, see you next year. Dave R.
- Dave Rastoka