Kansas Group Bass Fishing On The St Johns River

This is Capt Steve with todays fishing report for the St Johns River

I had Kevin, Stephanie, Madeline, Jada and Dominic from Kansas down here on vacation and we went out on the saint johns River to do a little bass fishing with some wild shiners. I just had a great day seen a few alligators. caught a few bass and just had a great time with them they were loving this weather. They’re headed back to Kansas and probably going to see some 20 degree weather tomorrow whenever they get back or lower they thought it was awesome to catch bass and never caught a bass.

We had a couple of bass over 3 and then Stephanie, the last fish she caught today was over four and a half and I got to show them how to take the corks off and running the shiners back up underneath the mats, and that’s how we caught most of them. We did catch a few trolling in the creek but most of the big ones came up underneath the mats there and it was just a lot of fun and weather was a lot better than the last couple days, it was great.

Anyway, this is Captain Steve Miller in for everyone else out there for all your for fresh or saltwater fishing adventures go to BassOnline we will take care of it for you, Thank you.

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