Gangbusters Come to Lake Toho

Hi this is Capt John Leech with my Lake Toho fishing report.

The Gangbusters come to Lake Toho for some quality bass fishing. The gangbusters being, Ron and his wife, and boy we started off great. The bite was on. At the first spot, we caught 12 fish, within an hour, and then the fish just turned off and didn’t want to eat for us anymore.

We caught more fish, but boy we had to work for them. We caught quality fish, a 4-lber, 1 fish almost at 5lbs, and when I say almost, it was 4.97 that’s as close to 5 you can get but anyway just had a real great day on the water.

Ron and his wife never had a fish over 3 pounds so he was really happy that 3 fish were in the 4+ pound range.

Anyways, that’s it for now, for all your Florida Freshwater fishing adventures go to BassOnline, Captain John Leech signing out.

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