Eagle Picks up Dinner on Lake Toho

Eagle Picks up Dinner on Lake TohoHi this is Capt John Leech with your Lake Toho fishing report.

We had a great trip with James, his brother and one real good friend of his. We went out and caught a bunch of pre-stage spawning fish up in the shallows. We targeted spawning areas with Kissimmee grass and lily pads throwing plastic lures.

One the artificial lure bite slowed down , we also went shiner fishing. We had to target pre-spawning bass on the the break lines of the underwater vegetation by trolling shiners.

During the trip we actually had an Eagle come swoop down near us, it came real close to the boat. The bird dove down to pick up a fish that had a bad day, by swimming to close to the surface out in the open water. It was a really neat experience to see this bird come within 30 yards of the boat and pickup this fish. We tried to get it on video, but the bird was much to fast and I guess camera shy.

Anyway, just a another really neat experience on the water of Lake Toho, so that’s it for now this is Captain John Leech signing off.

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