Catching Peacock Bass On Megabass Jerk Baits In Lake Ida

Hello this is Capt Robert Miley I’m getting ready to leave Lake Ida.

I had daryl and he his son Jaden from Missouri, and we caught about 30 peacock bass we caught them on artificial, and live bait but we caught all of our big fish on a megabass jerk baits it was an awesome day they had an outstanding time with a 8 hour trip, and we caught them all day long. Water temperature was 74 degrees it was 57 when I put it in and it was 74 when we pulled off and it was just a awesome day. It was real Windy and made it tough Throwing the jerk baits, but we managed to get some bigger Fish when we got into some nice areas around the boat docks. They’ve been staying down here in Pompano, and they’re going back to Missouri and it’s cold up there. Talk to you later, bye now.

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