Catching Multiple Pan Fish Species- Lake Toho Central Florida

This is Capt Steve with fishing report for the Lake Toho.

What an amazing day Catching Multiple Pan Fish Species- Lake Toho Central Florida. We went out for 4-hour trip today. It is always nice to be able to switch it up and fish for some delicious Pan fish.

I had the pleasure to fish with Ron and Keith. Keith is from Tennessee and Ron is from Illinois. They came down on a vacation and decided to go fishing with us.

The fog on the lake was pretty bad. You could hardly see anything. It was not until 11:00 that the fog lifted. We did not do much running around before then.

We caught a pretty nice crappie but the bite did not turn on. In every spot I pulled up to, largemouth were cruising around. I figured the bass scared away all the pan fish and were getting to our bait quicker than the crappie. The crappie bite was just not happening.

But, we caught some copperhead brim and bluegills. The little horse head jigs with a trailer on the back were highly effective in getting the job done.

We had a great time even though with all the idling I did, I had to extend the day a bit. They are talking about coming back to Florida to fish for the monster largemouth bass that are in Lake Okeechobee.

This is Captain Steve and for any of your fresh or saltwater fishing adventures, visit BassOnline.


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