Big Time Chicago Cubs Fans down for Florida Fishing Trip

Hey everybody this is Capt Dave Lauer calling in another great fishing report for Lake Okeechobee.

Fishing down in Lake Ida and connecting Canals with Coach Dave Evans and Coach Stan Shoop from Chicago, Illinois. They’re both Tennis coach is up there and big time Chicago Cubs fans down for Florida fishing trip with me again. I took them last year, now they had high expectations (lol) and thank God that the fish cooperated. I was almost convinced we needed to go to Okeechobee cuz I didn’t know if the bite would be good enough. But they want to know how these fish fight and just wanted to catch a few peacock.

Big Time Chicago Cubs fans down in Florida for Fishing TripBig Time Chicago Cubs fans down in Florida for Fishing Trip

So we went down the Lake Ida area and we caught over 50 fish today on a 100 shiners. We had 12 or 13 fish over 4 pounds and the day topped off with the biggest fish of the day at 5 pound – 2 ounces. Which is actually the biggest fish (peacock bass) a client has caught and landed this year. I’ve had a lot of high fours, and much bigger one’s on but this is the biggest of the year.

So my hat’s off to coach Dave Evans and I thank him for being persistent on going fishing for peacock bass. Ended up being a great day, I may have doubted Coach Dave’s choice, but I’ll never doubt him again.

This is Captain Dave signing out!

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