South Florida Fishing Lake Okeechobee Charter

This is Capt Mark Shepard with your Lake Okeechobee fishing report.

Let me tell you folks Lake Okeechobee is looking good, the water is good, everything is going fantastic, its going to be an awesome season.

Got to go out with one of my long time clients, haven’t seen him in 5 years so its really cool to get this guy back out on the water, his names Frank, its really great to see him again its been a long long time, got him out there it was a short half day trip and we smoked them.

We were using live bait and catching 2 3 fish for every shiner it was incredible we had them eat dead shiners but it was a beautiful day a little bit of fog and a little bit of chop on the water but folks let me tell you what this year is going to be insane.

So many big fish are moving into the shallows its going to be incredible so when you get down here to Florida the big o is healthy and strong providing a ecosystem to all sorts of wild life fish and birds its beautiful don’t miss out on your opportunity to see this lake Capt Mark Shepard all the best every one.

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